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Secure Cloud Storage

Our on Nextcloud based Cloud Technology provides not only a secure highly available Storage Environment, it also provides our Customers with Features normal Cloud Storage Services can not offer, such as military grade encryption and No logs Policies.

Cloud Media Services

It becomes more and more important to have Media available at all times in various formats and across the globe. With our Servers located in ultra high Bandwidth Data Centers, we provide various Media Streaming Services worldwide.

Protect your Data

Businesses use VPN and Secure connections since a long time, but in times of Net Neutrality and Data Protection, this becomes very important to everyone. With that in mind we provide various VPN Services to protect your Data and your Privacy with 0 Logs.


The Founder of MBS Media is since 1997 in the IT Industry and together with very experienced Staff and accumulated Knowledge over many years, we can provide you with Cloud Storage, Media, Streaming and VPN Services, with the security in mind you need. We operate military grade encryption across all our platforms and for many Services a absolute No Log policy, which enables us to offer you Services which are 100% private and safe against everyone, even us.

MBS Media Limited

For Inquiries please use the form here to contact us or use directly the email below.

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